website portal - under construction

Hey! Welcome To The #BC_Chat Website Portal.. As You Can See, This "Portal" Area Of The Website
Is Under Heavy Construction. To Continue To The Normal #BC_Chat Website,
click here..

To All The #BC_Chat Superiorities.. (you know who you are) The #BC_Chat Website
Has Been Severely Lacking In Updates.. This Is Due To The End Of The Year "Cram"
For Exams. Soon As The Summer Gets Going, I Hope To Have Weekly if not Daily
Updates. This Will Include All The Upcoming Serivces I Hope To Have Up And Running
On The Website. (See Below For Details)


What Is The "website portal" supposed to be, anyways?

The Website Portal Is Juat Another Name For An Introduction Page, To Showcase A "Website's"
Content. This Page Usually Includes An Enter Link To Each Service.

Im Glad You Came, #BC_Chat's Website Will Hopefully Be Offering The Following Services
Soon. Most Are Already In Production.

Thanks People! Click Here To Continue To The Normal #BC_Chat Site.